Brad Wursten and his MXS-R

From Logan, Utah, Wursten has shown interest in aviation since the time he could walk. At an early age, he was an avid RC Model Aircraft enthusiast and still is to this day. In his late teens, he received his pilots’ license and quickly grew his hours and skills set by accompanying his father around the country for business in the family twin engine aircraft. Shortly afterward, Wursten bought his first aerobatic plane and has been flying aerobatics for 10 years.

Wursten will fly the MXS-R, which was designed to set a new standard in unlimited performance aircraft in a somewhat aging aerobatic market place. It is a single seat, carbon fiber aircraft utilizing advanced, state-of-the-art composite materials, sophisticated development tools, novel processes and world class engineering skills blended to create a unique combination of structural performance, quality and durability. With immediate presence both dynamically and statically, the MXS clearly demonstrates its purpose and intent. This presence and aggression is communicated through technology on show.

Brad Wursten and his MXS-R Brad Wursten and his MXS-R