World famous aerobatics-- Matt Younkin

Beginning his flying career at the age of 14, Matt Younkin is a third generation pilot. He is now proficient in over 50 types of airplanes! He is famous for performing one of the most unusual acts on the air show circuit today with his Beech 18. Not only is the act among the air show industry's loudest and smokiest, but as a large WWII transport plane, the Beech 18 warbird was never designed for aerobatic flight! Matt breaks the rules and does just that!

The flight begins and ends to light-hearted music ("Pink elephants" from Disney's Dumbo). Why? Well, it is an overly obese plane executing maneuvers that its designers and air show patrons never thought it could. The show ends with the "Elephant Waltz" dirty pass-- an incredible sight to see!

The Younkin family Beech 18, named "Miss Ellie", was built in 1943. The airplane went into service with the Army Air Corps based at Houton's Ellington Army Air Field. Aside from its paint scheme, it is essentially the same as it was when it was sold from military surplus in 1945. This classifies the Beech 18 as a true warbird!

Matt Younkin